KNIVES! Scans of Wasicun knives. All of these individual knives have been sold, lost or traded, but I'll be making more.

#162- Ghost sheen- a gray swirl/black obsidian that reminds me of a foggy moonlit night, with a piccaso marble handle, 13.5" long.

161,160 & 159

#161: Pretty marble handle with white, red and gray merle. Rare gray striped obsidian, 9.5" #160, Marble handle, reddish with a little white (much harder than other marble, may be granite or similar), blade is of rare tiger stripe to midnight lace obsidian with a gold sheen in bright light, 10", #159: White/yellow onyx-like stone, obsidian blade that looks like clouds in moonlight in a partially cloudy sky (without stars!), 10".

158 & 157

#158: Tan with white marble handle, blade of rare tiger stripe with a gold sheen in bright light, 8.5". #157: Tan/creme marble handle with blade of midnight lace obsidian with exceptional swirl, 9". Knife has excellent balance and feel in hand.

155,153 & 154

#155: Dark green curly maple handle, obsidian blade with a slight rainbow sheen in bright light, and an unusual texture for obsidian. 10.25", #153 (SOLD)has a dark red/cherry curly maple handle and black obsidian blade with a metallic with pink sheen in bright light. 10.5". #154 (SOLD) has a dark green curly maple handle and black obsidian blade, 11"

152 & 156

#152: Dark green curly maple handle with squared edge top and bottom, black obsidian blade. 9.75", #156 has a dark red-cherry curly maple handle with black obsidian blade, 10.5",


#146 (SOLD)has a curly maple handle with a blade of extremely rare obsidian from Lassen Creek CA that has a brilliant silver sheen when viewed in bright light. To the best of my knowledge, only one large chunk with this sheen has been found. 14 inches.

#149 & #145

#149 (SOLD) has an osage orange handle with a black obsidian blade that has a nice pink sheen when viewed in bright light. 10 3/4 inches. #145 (SOLD) has a handle made with off-white/yellow onyx, the blade is obsidian from Davis Creek CA and has stunning green-gold-rainbow sheen when viewed in bright light. 12 3/4 inches.



#147 (SOLD) has a black cherry handle with tiger stripe obsidian blade. 9 3/4". #148 (SOLD) has an osage orange handle and black obsidian blade. 10".

151 & 150

#151(SOLD) has a curly maple handle and midnight lace obsidian blade, 10 1/4". #150 (SOLD)has a curly maple handle with a black obsidian blade. 10 1/4".


#143 (SOLD) is a translucent black with gray swirls obsidian- like clouds on a moonlit night. The blade is narrower than my norm, but has a very nice flake pattern. The handle is a marble that is tan with olive hues, red lines and a quartz streak. 10" long. 142 (SOLD) has a blade of creme-tan vitrolite, the old store front glass from the middle 1900's. The handle is Verde Antique serpentine/marble from Vermont. 10.5".

Two Artists, One Knife

(SOLD)The glass for this blade was created by my friend, John Cappelini, who has been mixing glass colors in a kiln for the purpose of creating special material for knapping. This time he created a landscape in glass, with land, sky and a brilliant sunrise. I had to have it, and the glass cost me far more than I've ever paid for material for any other blade. That wonderful landscape didn't flow with any knife design I could think of- until I turned the world upside down! I'm most pleased with the way the colors flow within the knives' outline. The Vermont Verde Antique serpentine/marble handle is made from the most highly featured example of that material I could find. Total length 13".

140,139 & 138

#140 (SOLD) has an obsidian blade with a pale sheen, and an interesting black/gray/blue chatoyant granite handle. 10"long. #138(SOLD) has an obsidian blade with a pale sheen in bright light and a red/white/gray/black marble handle. 10 3/8" long. #139(SOLD) has a Burns Green obsidian blade with a handle of verde antique serpentine marble from Vermont. The knife has more of a green color than shows in the scan. 10 3/4".

Special Glass!!

A friend has put in a lot of time expirementing with ways to melt different color glasses together. It's a complicated and difficult process, but I got my hands on some of the successes. This glass doesn't flake as well as homogeneous glass, but it sure is different. #134 (SOLD) has a pink/blue-gray blade and an orange-ish/tan marble handle. 9 1/2". #136(SOLD) has aqua, white, chartruese, black, olive and blue with a highly featured Picasso marble handle. 11 3/4". # 135 (SOLD) has the same colors as 136 and a Vermont Verde Antique marble handle with black, green and gray. 11".


129(SOLD) Mahogany obsidian and Vermont Verde Antique marble, 9 1/2". 130- Red Vitrolite (old storefront glass) and pink and white marble handle, 10 1/2". (SOLD)

Curly and Lace

127(SOLD)-Lace obsidian and culy maple handle, 12"

117 &118

117(SOLD) has a blade of spectacular silver sheen obsidian that looks like plain smoky black until it is viewed at the right angle to light and a brilliant silver sheen appears. It doesn't take much light to get this effect. The handle is Vermont Verde Antique serpentine/marble. The knife is 9" long. 118 (On HOLD) is rainbow obsidian, with bands of light blue, green and purple that appear in bright light. The handle is a light variety of Vermont Verde Antique. The knife is 10 3/4" long.

126 & 120

126 SOLD has a midnight lace obsidian blade and fossil stone handle. It's 10 3/4" long. 120(SOLD) has a blade made or pink carrera glass, the old storefront material from the first half of the last century. The handle is a reddish marble. The knife is 11 1/2" long.

Old Glory Waving

SOLD Old Glory waving in glass. The blade is 5 1/2" X 1 1/2".

107 and 110

107 (SOLD) is 9 1/2" long and has a blade of red vitrolite, the old storefront glass, with a pink and white marble handle. 110 (SOLD) is 10 3/4 " long and has a nice midnight lace obsidian blade and a peach colored marble handle.


106 is 14 1/2 " long. The blade is obsidian with a subdued green sheen in bright light that reminds me of the Aurora Borealis. The handle is a light green "Verde Antique" serpentine marble from Vermont.


109 is 10 3/4"long. The blade is translucent black with black bands that are visible when held up to the light. There is a tiny bit of brown on the blade. The handle is a pretty marble with various shades of red/pink/purple/gray and white.

101 and 108

101 is 8 3/4" long. The blade is a sky blue glass from a stage light lense that Corning made in 1938 for Hollywood. The handle is an interesting marble that is a conglomeration of whites and yellows. 108- is 10 3/4" long, with a skye blue glass blade from a studio light lens that Corning made in 1938 for Hollywood. The handle is a pretty marble with reds, pinks, gray and white.


This new design is the "Hopegerzdanavian" (HGDA). A crazy name, until you realize where it comes from. The "Hope" is for Hopewell, an ancient culture of the Mid-West U.S., whose craftsmen used obsidian from far away (Yellowstone) to make a blade with a simalar shape to my HGDA. "gerz" is for the ancient Egyptian Gerzian blades, which used flake over grinding techniques like I do (except they were only flaked on one side). "dan" is for Danish, like in the Danish daggers, some of which were knapped with flake over grinding techniques, and flaked on both sides. "avian" is not for the birds, but rather the last part of Scandanavian, in respect to the modern knives that are produced there and have a style somewhat like the HGDA. I hope it's not too corny, but this knife is a celebration of the new millenium, with inspiration from the knives of cultures seperated by several thousand years. From top to bottom: #60, Bloodwood and Lace. #59, Beefwood and Lace , and #61, Kingwood and Mexican Rainbow. I had a very unpleasant allergic reaction to either the Kingwood or the Beefwood, and will not likely offer them again.


A little bit like a Tanto, so it's a Stone Tanto, or "Stanto". #64, Bloodwood and Dacite. #63, Desert Ironwood and Dacite.


#62, stabilized and gold dyed maple burl, with Mahogany/lace handle.


#67, Flamewood handle with bloodwood hilt, black/ghost obsidian blade. #68, Bloodwood handle with Ebony hilt, beautifully featured midnight lace obsidian blade.

New Knives!

A scan of Wasicun #54,53 and 52 (top to bottom). #54, highly chatoyant bloodwood handle. Total length is 10 3/4". HGDA's: #53 has a lace/mahogany obsidian blade and olivewood handle. Total length is 12". #52 has a snakewood (extremely expensive!) handle, and an obsidian blade with moderate green iridescence. Total length is 12".


Lorna style. Named after a special person who is no longer with us, but really liked my knives. #55, mahogany obsidian blade with Australian corkwood handle. Total length is 11.5".


Hopegerzdanavian with rare pink ivory handle. Pink ivory adds about $20 to the cost of a knife IF I can obtain it.

#76 & #77

#76 is cocobolo, #77 is figured maple.

The Otsdawa

The "Otsdawa". A simple, traditional design that maximizes the natural beauty of the stone and the wood. I made a batch of these to familiarize myself with the characteristics of different exotic hardwoods.

Thuya Burl Otsdawa

#50, an Otsdawa with a thuya burl handle and black (with lighter striations) obsidian blade, 12 1/4" long.

Two Blades

For those who just want a nice blade, or wish to make a handle themselves: the blade on the top is midnight lace obsidian, a mix of translucent smoky/black and reddish-brown/black swirls. It's 7 3/4" long, 1 7/8" wide. There is a small inclusion (flaw) in the rock on one side. The blade on the bottom is also midnight lace and is 7 1/4" long X 1 3/4" wide.

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