Beautiful One Of A Kind Knapped Stone Knives
Scott Van Arsdale, Flintknapper and Knifemaker
Flaking Stone Since 1993

We left the stone age for a reason- metal blades are better tools than stone blades, as a tool for cutting tasks anyway. Physics dictates that large stone blades are very fragile- so much so that they are impractical for use as a tool. So I focus on the one area where large stone blades can render steel ordinary- LOOKS! I strive to knap beautiful blades of various obsidian varieties and unusual glass. I take great care to match my blades with handle materials and design to make knives with WOW-factor. They also feel great in the hand like a fine tool should. But my knives are better suited for display than to slicing up a mastodon.
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Available Knives-

If you see a knife you want to purchase, or would like more information, e-mail me and put "Knife" on the subject line:goeascott@gmail.com

If you are the first to request a particular knife I'll hold it for you. The easiest, quickest and safest way is to pay through Paypal.me, I'll give you my storefront address. I will accept money orders and checks, but will wait until they clear before I ship. One customer asked to pay via a Walmart Moneygram, and that worked fine. On most items US shipping is included, and many knives come with a glass-top leatherette display case. I've had some horrible experiences trying to ship knives outside of the US, so I generally don't. If you want to pave the way with your country's Customs and perhaps line-up a specialty shipping company, I'll play, but foreign customers pay shipping and assume the risk of a lost/stolen shipment. I think Customs officials like to take my knives home. Sorry.

Knife #232-

Obsidian blade sheens green and purple in bright light. The handle is green and black marble. 11" total length, blade is 6.5". Price includes US shipping and leatherette protective display case. $180

Knife #236 (SOLD)-

Nice rainbow obsidian blade and choice New Mexico Picasso Marble handle. Scandanavian style. 13.5" total length. $180 p.p.

Knife #231-

Knife #231-Lace obsidian blade with NM Picasso Marble handle. Third pic shows translucency. 10 7/8" total length, Blade 6". Price includes US shipping and leatherette protective display case. $160 P.P.


Knife #233- Mahogany Obsidian blade with handle of Noreena Jasper from Australia. 12.75" total length. $185 P.P.

Knife #220-

Fantastic rainbow obsidian blade, with a fantastic New Mexico Picasso marble handle. 12 3/8" total length, blade is 7.25". I made this knife in 2017 and decided to keep it for myself.


A long knife with a Scandinavian-influenced profile. The 8.5" blade is obsidian with a hint of olive and purple sheen. The handle is an almost white honey onyx. 13.75" total length. $180 p.p.

Knife #234

Knife #234- Old storefront glass blade with Acrylester Inlace handle. Total length is 13". The glass was a bit thinner to start with, so the blade is thinner than my usual work. $145 includes US shipping and leatherette display case.

Knife #235

Knife #235- Old storefront glass and Acrylester Inlace handle. I love this color of glass but this blade is the last I have of it. So unless I find some more... Total length 10.75". $140 includes US Shipping and leatherette case.

Knife #221

Rainbow obsidian blade goes from tame to intense depending on the angle of the light. Handle is a slightly tranlucent marble with white, pink, red and gray. Totl length is 10.75", blade is 6". $160 includes US shipping and leatherette display case.

Knife #229-

Bright blue sheen obsidian with a choice New Mexico Picasso Marble handle. This is a big one, 13" total length. SOLD

Knife #215 (SOLD)

Knife #215- Blade is rainbow obsidian that sheens with blue, gold and pink when bright light hits it at the correct angle. Handle is white marble with tight gray swirls. Total length is 9.75". SOLD.

Knife #225 (sold)

(sold)The blade is made with Fenton art glass, brown with purple lines. The handle is Inlace Acrylester (synthetic). Note the bubble on the left side of the blade near my thumb in the pic. US shipping and leatherette protective display case included. 10.5" total length, blade 6"'

Knife #224- SOLD

(SOLD)The blade is from a studio light lens made by Corning in 1938 for the budding Hollywood color movies. The handle is Acrylester, an acrylic art material. Total length is 10.5", blade length is 6". Price includes shipping to US destination and leatherette protective display case. SOLD

About the Leatherette display cases: I wanted to offer nice looking wood display cases for my knives. I bought a supply of them and later realized they were quite flimsy and I couldn't-wouldn't pass them on. I discovered these Leatherette cases, which will fit most of my knives. They aren't high-end but they are a nice way to display the knife and help protect it from being knocked off a stand or whatnot. There are high quality wood cases on the market, I recommend one of those if you want to hang the knife on a wall or desire a more upscale display. Contact me if you need help in finding one. Some of my customers enjoy creating their own display stands. Whatever you do, remember that these knives are fragile and may not survive a tumble from a shelf or other accidental drop. Handle with care. If you want to skip the Leatherette case on knives where it's offered in the price, I'll take $10 off the listed price.

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